The Finnish school in Costa del Sol - Colegio Finlandés

A private Finnish school has been operating since 1991 on the Sunny Coast in Spain. It is situated in Los Pacos, Fuengirola, and consists of a preschool, a comprehensive school and an upper secondary school. This private school follows the same national curriculum and Basic Education Act as any other Finnish school with the sole exception of mandatory Spanish offered in all grades. The school is authorised to issue official report cards, and receives subsidy from Finland. The school is also recognised and holds an official status in Spain, and it is therefore possible for students to transfer to a Spanish school (comprehensive / upper secondary school).

The school’s curriculum emphasises among other things internationality, creativity, respect for one’s roots, and knowledge of Spanish and European culture in general. Individuality, initiative, and independence are emphasised and valued in the school. Opportunities for international contacts and school collaboration is conveniently provided by the surrounding international, Nordic, and Spanish schools.